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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I want to welcome all the new and returning Reba fans to the new Extreme Reba and to our first blog post for the new site!  What’s new about it you ask?  Keep on reading and you will find out how Extreme Reba is not only run by us, but by you, the fans!

Due to the release of Reba’s new album “All The Women I Am” the new website has launched earlier than we expected so changes are still being made to portions of the site. If you find errors or need help please contact us and we will work on any bugs or issues you find. There are numerous additions that are still being made and we can’t wait to share them with you.  Be sure to check the blog frequently as we will update you on the progress here.  We are asking for everyone’s help and feedback about our new site so drop us a line. We want this to be the place you visit every day with daily updates to keep everyone informed on Reba’s latest projects, tour dates and much more.  To accomplish this, we need everyones help in submitting news.  Keep reading for the details below.

Contributing to Extreme Reba

You will be able to submit news and have it show up on the website just like the stories we post.  We want the site to be a community that is run by it’s users. This is the biggest change to Extreme Reba. Providing this service allows for constant updates on the website and allows for everyone to be a part of Extreme Reba by contributing to the site and allowing everyone to keep up with the latest news on Reba!

This will be accomplished in three easy steps. They are as follows:

1. Login / Register

2. Post the article yourself

3. Your submission will go live on the site*

*All articles are reviewed by a moderator to check for validity and your submission will be live on the site within in a couple hours if not sooner and you will receive full credit for the post on the website.

Currently this is the only area you will be able to contribute to until we modify other sections of the website to allow this but you can always contribute to our forum at http://www.extremereba.com/forum We hope to see you there.

We are also working hard on creating a new photo gallery for all of our photos and photos taken by fans that we had on the previous site. With this new software we have it will be much easier for us to post new galleries and new pictures. If you would like to contribute to our gallery you will be able to do so as well in the near future.

Our downloads area is also getting a face lift and will have new desktop backgrounds etc. to support Reba’s latest album “All The Women I Am” along with some other goodies that we had previously.

Many people ask and request that we have a chat feature on the website and this has not gone un-noticed but we are looking for the right chat software to suit everyone’s needs and we will post when we do and we’ll have another huge chat party to ring in the event.

A search feature is also in the works and will be added to the site when it’s done.

Last but not least, let’s clear up some other issues that you might be wondering about as well.

Where has Extreme Reba been and why have you been gone so long?

In 2003 we launched a brand new website which combined RebaCountry.com and TotallyReba.com and was a huge success from the beginning and we even got an interview with Reba which was posted on the website.  Unfortunately some issues started plaguing our servers and hosting provider and our personal lives and the website unfortunately was sacrificed to take care of these issues. We realize that a lot of people were wondering and mad and or frustrated at the same time but we were always around and have never forgotten about the fans.  Our forum never went away, it was only our website.  Instead of having an out-dated website we took it off-line and put up a temporary page.  Yes we realize that it’s been a few years and we are hoping to broaden our website with the help of users contributing to our news section and other sections in the future.  We are back now and here to stay and are glad you stuck it out with us!  We will continue to read your feedback and constantly strive to make your experience on our site better each and every day.

Where is all the old content from the previous site?

Due to the design of our new site and our new content management system it would take months to convert all the old news articles and such to the new website so instead of going backwards we are moving forward.  The complete website content from 2003-2007 can be viewed at http://v1.extremereba.com.

What has changed on the new Extreme Reba website?

Some sections have been removed due to lack of interest and relevance and those sections will not be returning to the new website.  Also some sections have been renamed and or moved under another section to make the layout and navigation more simple for everyone.  Having said that we will be adding some new sections in the future based on user feedback and we will have some brand new spotlight features that are sure to leave you wanting more.

List of sections RENAMED or MOVED

Renamed: Memories to Music
Renamed: Extreme Reba Articles to Extreme Reba Blog
Renamed: Feature to Spotlight
Moved: Poll from news to the main page & interior pages (When we run a poll)
Moved: Specials to Spotlight
Moved: Video Of The Week to The Gallery under Video.  We will still have the video of the week.
Moved: Quotes from the old Memories section to different places throughout the site design.
Moved: Downloads, Puzzles & E-cards to The Gallery (new ones will be up shortly)

List of sections REMOVED from the site

Removed: Store (all of our links were to Reba.com’s store or Amazon and we figured to simplify the site we would remove this section)
Removed: Reba Mobile Alerts (you can now follow us on Twitter and Facebook and get mobile alerts that way)
Removed: Reba Review (Reba Review was a monthly PDF newsletter we created.  We are now using our Mailing List - Extreme Reba Insider for this)
Removed: Extreme Fan Of The Month (due to lack of interest)
Renamed: Transcripts & Interviews (all new transcripts and such will be posted in the news section and coming soon you will be able to sort via category through the news)
Removed: Audio under The Gallery (All audio will be posted through videos we upload or share on the website)
Removed: Reba Mail (It’s archived on the old site and with Reba’s Twitter, Blog, and video posts that section was becoming out-dated quickly)
Removed: Share Your Thoughts & Mailbag (A new comment feature will be up soon for our blog and news stories posted on the site, which is pretty much what Share Your Thoughts & Mailbag were - except those were by E-mail only.)
Removed: The complete “Extras” section from our navigation and our site.  (All the content under Extras was moved to other sections or removed from the site as listed above)

Again, we would like to thank everyone for sticking with Extreme Reba, it has been a long road but we are back and better than ever and and we look forward to once again being your number one source for Reba McEntire.

Posted by Kevin on 11/09/2010 at 03:05 AM


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