50 Greatest Hits

October 28, 2008 | MCA Nashville

I embraced turning 50. To me, it was a huge accomplishment! Every year I am alive, I feel so much happier and so grateful for all I’ve learned and received.




50 Greatest Hits

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Produced by: Jimmy Bowen, Tony Brown, Buddy Cannon, Tim DuBois, John Guess, David Malloy, Reba McEntire, Harold Shedd, Norro Wilson

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I embraced turning 50. To me, it was a huge accomplishment! Every year I am alive, I feel so much happier and so grateful for all I’ve learned and received. Looking for the 50 songs for this project, I was reminded of where I was in my life and career when I recorded each song. Just like a birthday, I love each of these songs for meaning so much to me then, and now.

One of the first things I learned in my musical journey was how to stand up for myself and be more than just the girl singer. “Can’t Even Get The Blues” was a song meant for Jackie Ward but I fell in love with it and fought to record it. It changed my life, by becoming my first number one. At the time it seemed like a “strong-woman” song to me, and I thought other girls would be able to relate to it. Along the way, I somehow became known for the “strong-woman” songs, like “Walk On” and “I’m A Survivor”. I like the women and the message of those songs. And throughout my career and life, I gravitate towards them.

But even if a song does not relate directly to me on my life, I can understand why the story can mean something to my fans and friends. “She Thinks His Name Was John” was one of those songs that I personally did not relate to or have an experience with, but it spoke to me about this horrible epidemic that was clothed in shame at the time. I wanted to be one of the voices that brought it to the light. I always said in interviews, if I could sing about it, maybe more people would talk about it. And I think that’s been another theme for me; some of my favorite songs have been about issues that people donm’t normally want to talk about.

No song relates to this better than “What Do You Say?” At the time I recorded that song, Shelby was just becoming aware of the things in the world that we needed to address. That song spoke volumes to me. “He Gets That From Me” was another song that meant something to me as a mother. After 9/11 and all of the miliary actions that followed, so many families became fatherless and motherless. Although that was not my story, I could sure relate to show that might feel, and I thought this was an important song to tell that story.

“For My Broken Heart,” “The Last One To Know,” “Somebody Should Leave,” “And Still,” “You Lie” — I guess I’m kind of known for the heartbreaking sad songs! We can all relate to the times in our lives when we have felt pain and betrayal; so those songs always hold a special place for me.

But I also have a real love for up-tempo sassy songs. Those are so much fun to sing in concert! That’s why, even years after I first recorded them, you will still hear me include “Little Rock,” “Take It Back,” and “Why Haven’t I Heard From You” in my set list.

The other thing I’ve been blessed to be able to do as a singer is to record some of the songs by other singers that mean something to me. I always loved the Bobbie Gentry song “Fancy” and used to play it in the clubs years ago. I wanted to record it so bad, but no one was for it.

Finally, I hooked up with a new producer, Tony Brown. Tony gave me the green light to cut “Fancy,” and it is now one of the songs I’m known for—and I always include it in my live show. “Cathy’s Clown” was another song I loved by somebody else. The Everly Brothers’ harmonby was so great on that song! I thought it would be interesting to sing the same story from a woman’s perspective.

With 50 songs, you can imagine I have 50 stories. But I hope you have your own story connected to each song. You made these Greatest Hits; I just recorded the songs. I hope you enjoy them.


Album Liner Notes

Coordinated by Trisha McClanahan & Andy McKaie
Remastered by Hank Williams at Mastermix, Nashville, TN
Art Direction: Vartan
Design: Bahia Lahoud, Todd Gallopo, Daniell Marquez at Meat and Potatoes, Inc.
Photo Coordination: Ryan Null
Photos: Marc Baptiste, Ron Davis

Production Manager: Beth Stempel
Legal Clearances: Scott Ravine
Product Manager: Connie Choi Derry

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