Greatest Hits Volume Two

September 29, 1993 | MCA Nashville

This is my second Greatest Hits. For that I say, “Thank You Lord”. “And I continue to give you complete control over my life. I think you’re doing a pretty cool job!


Press Photo

Press Photo

1. Does He Love You

4. For My Broken Heart (Single Version)

6. They Asked About You

7. Is There Life Out There (Single Version)

Greatest Hits Volume Two

Certified: Quintuple Platinum

Produced by: Tony Brown, Jimmy Bowen, Reba McEntire

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To Tony Brown & Jimmy Bowen - Thanks for your superior expertise! With teachers like the two of you, how can an artist go wrong!

I’d like to thank my band for doing the two new songs with me. I think y’all did a marvelous job, as you always do.

Thanks to my crew for helping them with their pre-production. Y’all are the hardest working bunch I’ve ever known.

Thanks Linda, for doing the duet with me. And for making me work harder, just to keep up with you. You know I’m your biggest fan!

Speaking of fans, a big ole thanks to all of you who heard these “greatest hits” a long time ago and stayed with me throughout the years. And to the new fans that I hope will join us.

Thanks Narvel and Shelby for making my work so much fun. Shelby, you make Mama really, really proud! Narvel, you’re a great husband, daddy and manager. Thanks for being my buddy.

Speaking of buddies ... Sandi, thanks for taking such great care of me. It would be pretty scary for the world to see me before you work your magic!

To all of Starstruck - You’re a great team I love each of you.

Speaking of a great team ... Thanks MCA - you’re the best.

Thanks also to Rob Reiner and Burt Reynolds for letting me take a break from my music and take a lot of training from you, the experts at the movies. I had a blast!

This is my second Greatest Hits. For that I say, “Thank You Lord”. “And I continue to give you complete control over my life. I think you’re doing a pretty cool job!  You’re definitely my “Entertainer for life”!

Album Liner Notes

Produced By: Tony Brown and Reba McEntire for Reba McEntire Productions except 5 & 9: Produced by Jimmy Bowen for Lynwood Productions and Reba for Reba McEntire Productions.

Musicians on “Does He Love You”, and “They Asked About You”:
Drums - Scotty Hawkins
Bass - Charlie Anderson
Acoustic Guitar - Joe McGlohon
Steel Guitar - Terry Crisp
Piano - Mike Rojas
Electric Guitar - Andy Reiss, Dan Huff, Steve Gibson
Synthesizer and String Pads - Doug Sizemore
Background Vocals - Linda Davis, Lang Scott

“Does He Love You” and “They Asked About You” were digitally recorded at Emerald Studio using the Mitsubishi X-850 32 track digital. Recorded by Chuck Ainlay. Overdubs recorded by John Guess and Chuck Ainlay at Music Mill Studio B. Mixed by Chuck Ainlay at Masterfonics. Second Engineers: Graham Lewis and Derek Bason. Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics using the JVC Digital Audio Mastering System. Digital Editing by Glenn Meadows using The Turtle Beach 56K.

Project Coordinator: Jessie Noble

Album Chart Numbers

Billboard Top 200 - #5
Billboard Top Country Albums - #1

Track Listing

1. Does He Love You (with Linda Davis)
Written By: Sandy Knox, Billy Stritch

4. For My Broken Heart (Single Version)
Written By: Liz Hengber, Keith Palmer

6. They Asked About You
Written By: Freddy Weller, Kim Nash, Bill Nash

7. Is There Life Out There (Single Version)
Written By: Susan Longacre, Rick Giles

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