If You See Him

June 02, 1998 | MCA Nashville

I asked David Malloy to be my co-producer on his CD. David’s creativity on this CD has helped me express myself in a way I don’t think I’ve done before.


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1. If You See Him, If You See Her

2. One Honest Heart

3. I Wouldn’t Know

4. I’ll Give You Something To Miss

5. Invisible

6. Up And Flying

7. Forever Love

8. Face To Face

9. Heart Hush

10. Lonely Alone

11. Wrong Night

12. All This Time

If You See Him

Certified: Platinum

Produced by: David Malloy, Reba McEntire

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There has been one thing that has made the recording of this CD very different. After breaking my leg in a skiing accident during Christmas, I was forced to slow down and take life a little slower. That has happened only one other time in my career. I was pregnant with my son Shelby and the doctor told me to go to bed and stay off my feet. These down times are very difficult for me because I am normally very active and doing several projects at once. I have made two CD’s during times like these: Rumor Has It and If You See Him. I was forced to focus on nothing but my music. I spent months choosing the songs for both of these CDs. I think these interruptions in my life have helped me slow down and really focus on how a song makes me feel and what I want to say. I have put my heart and soul into each of these songs and hope that you will feel what I felt when I recorded them.

After recording the CD, I went to Los Angeles to do another movie. It is exciting to get to do other projects but even more exciting to bring my music to these projects. I recorded two additional songs for this CD. “Forever Love” which is the name of the movie, and “All This Time” were written and recorded for the movie.

I asked David Malloy to be my co-producer on his CD. David’s creativity on this CD has helped me express myself in a way I don’t think I’ve done before. He has helped me find the emotion inside me that was needed to deliver each song. This has been a wonderful experience and one of which I am very proud. Thanks David.

I would like to thank Carole Ann Mobley for her commitment and patience in helping me find these songs. / The musicians on this CD not only inspired me by putting their hearts and soul into each cut but also for making me laugh more than I ever have in the studio. / Thanks to Kevin and Derek who never seemed to stop working to make sure all the sounds were just perfect. Thanks to Robert, JR, Scott, Alex and Jim for making Starstruck Studios such a great place to record in. / Thanks to all my fans who have continued to listen to my music, to the folks in radio who have played my songs throughout the years, and to the people in retail, thanks for keeping the material out there for the fans. / To all my Starstruck Family, thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to the dream. You are never taken for granted! I love you all! / And to my favorite critics - my family! Thanks for your opinion, support and loads of love.

Dear Lord, thank you so much for letting me have all these people in my life. And for giving me the voice to sing.


Album Liner Notes

Produced By: David Malloy and Reba for Starstruck Productions except for “If You See Him/If You See Her” produced by Tony Brown and Tim DuBois
Recorded At: Starstruck Studios by Kevin Beamish assisted by Derek Bason
Additional Recording By: Derek Bason at Starstruck Studios assisted by Scott McCutcheon and J.R. Rodriguez
Digital Editing By: Derek Bason at Starstruck Studios and The WorkStation
Mixed At: Starstruck Studios by Kevin Beamish assisted by Derek Bason
Mastered At: Georgetown Masters by Denny Purcell
Vocals On “Forever Love” And “All This Time” Recorded By: Soundstage Studios by Derek Bason assisted by Tony Green
Production Coordinator/Creative Assistant: Carole Ann Mobley

Drums - Paul Leim
Bass - Richard “Spady” Brannan
Acoustic Guitar - B. James Lowery
Electric Guitar - Jeff King
Steel - Paul Franklin
Electric Guitar - Jerry McPherson
Keyboard - Jimmy Nichols
Electric Guitar - Dan Huff
Fiddle, Mandolin - Larry Franklin

Background Vocals - Jimmy Nichols, Cynthia French, Lisa Gregg, Kim Parent, Liana Manis, Curtis Young

Representation - Starstruck Entertainment / Narvel Blackstock
Art Direction - Cindy Owen
Design - Karen Cronin
Principal Photography - Dana Fineman
Hair/Wardrobe Stylist - Sandi Spika
Make Up - Troy Jensen
Photography - Timothy White
Hair - Stephen Knoll
Make Up - Fran Cooper
Wardrobe - Wayne Scot Lukas
Publicity - Jennifer Bohler, Starstruck Entertainment

This CD is Reba’s first “Enhanced CD (ECD)” and it features an interactive photo album, a behind-the-scenes look at her tour with Brooks & Dunn, and a Reba screensaver.

Reba’s record label, MCA Nashville and Brooks & Dunn’s record label, Arista Nashville teamed up to provide fans with an Exclusive Collectors Edition CD. Fans were given this CD free when they purchased both Reba’s “If You See Him” and Brooks & Dunn’s “If You See Her” CD’s. This CD includes previously unreleased tracks from both artists.

Tracks Cut By Cut

“If You See Him/If You See Her”

Last year when I was touring with Brooks & Dunn, Ronnie and I did a song at the end of the show called “You Don’t Know Me.” At the time, Terry McBride was going out on the road periodically with Ronnie and they were writing songs. After Terry saw and heard Ronnie and I sing that song on stage, he came back to Nashville, got together with a couple of other songwriters and wrote a song specifically for Ronnie and I to do. So the first time I heard the song, I fell in love with it. We went into the studio and recorded it. It’s called “If You See Him/If You See Her.” I hope you like it.

“One Honest Heart”

This is a song that the lyrics pretty well sum up how everybody feels in life. Everybody wants to be loved and accepted, and this song tells that story. And it has a great groove that goes along with it. It’s called “One Honest Heart.”

“Heart Hush”

Carole Ann Mobley helps me find songs. She’s a great song finder. She gave me this tape, and I was driving down the road listening to the songs she’d given me. This song came on and it hit me so hard. I played it over and over again and didn’t want to get out of my truck because I wanted to keep listening to the demo. I loved recording it and I can’t wait to perform it onstage. It’s called “Heart Hush.”

“Forever Love”

This year I got to film a CBS Television Movie Of The Week called Forever Love. Matter of fact, at the beginning, it was called something else. So we had the script here at Starstruck and we had some of the writers read the script. They came up with a couple of beautiful songs that I thought portrayed perfectly. One of the songs was called “Forever Love,” so we changed the title of the movie to that. It’s so funny…if we hadn’t had the script and the story for the movie, this song might never have been written. I’ve always been a firm believer of some things are just meant to be. Thank God this song was written. It’s called “Forever Love.”

“All This Time”

I’ve always been a firm believer that a song will find its home. This next song was written six years ago. When we were looking for songs for the movie Forever Love, it found its way into the movie. It’s called “All This Time”. And you know what…It would make a perfect wedding song, too.

“Wrong Night”

We were getting really close to the end of our project. We’d recorded like 15 songs, loved every one of them, but we were still trying to beat some out. So, we were at Starstruck Publishing Company listening to songs and they said, “Here’s one that’s a little different.” They played this song for us and we all went, “Wow!” Totally different than anything we’d recorded and I haven’t done a song like this in quite a few years. I hope you like it. I get a big kick out of singing it. It’s called “Wrong Night.”

“I’ll Give You Something To Miss”

Haven’t you ever wondered where do the songwriters get the ideas to write a song? I always have. Well, something happened here at the office one day that sparked one of those ideas. Two ladies were talking about this one girl was having trouble getting the attention of a guy she really did like. So the other girl says, “You better give him something to miss.” Well, David Malloy, my co-producer, was walking by, heard that, and went and wrote the song. We hope you like it. It’s called “I’ll Give You Something To Miss.”


Relationships…That’s something that’s a very special thing in life. Something that you really have to work hard at all the time to make it good. This next song I’m going to sing for you is a song about relationships starting off great, wonderful…then the spark loses its luster. But the lady in the song does something really, really neat. She stays in there and she fights for her man, she works hard at it. It has a great happy ending, called “Invisible.”

“Face To Face”

David Malloy and Gary Burr wrote a song and I listened to it and thought I knew where it was going. I was wrong. But I had a great idea where it was needing to go because this would be the perfect song to be the sequel to the song Linda Davis and I had out years ago called “Does He Love You. So I went back to Gary and David and said, “Guys, what do you think about changing it up a little bit?” And they did and it turned out great. Linda and I are going to have such a great time onstage performing this song. I hope you like it to.

“I Wouldn’t Know”

It’s pretty ironic that when you get out of a relationship, you try to move on, go on with your life, try to make new friends, find someone new. But the people around you won’t let it go. That’s the story on this next song. Sad but true.

“Lonely Alone”

When you listen to a song and you get a mental picture of where you are, or where that person is while they’re singing the song, that makes it more special to you. This next song hit me that way when I first heard it. It painted a very vivid picture of a woman having to make a decision to stay or go. She left. It’s a sad, sad song. One that unfortunately a lot of people can relate to.

“Up & Flying”

This song represents true heartache. And you know, sometimes you just have to bare your hurt to the world, get it all out. I used to shy away from songs like this because I wanted to do strong woman songs, and strong songs for people. Sometimes you just need to sing songs like “Up & Flying.”

Album Chart Numbers

Billboard Top 200 - #8
Billboard Top Country Albums - #2

Track Listing

1. If You See Him, If You See Her (with Brooks & Dunn)
Written By: Tommy Lee James, Jennifer Kimball, Terry McBride

2. One Honest Heart
Written By: David Malloy, Frank J. Myers, Gary Baker

3. I Wouldn’t Know
Written By: Marc Breeson, Robert Byrne, Mike McGuire

4. I’ll Give You Something To Miss
Written By: David Malloy, Rick Bowles

5. Invisible
Written By: Lisa Drew, Christi Dannemiller

6. Up And Flying
Written By: Gary Burr, Patty Griffin

7. Forever Love
Written By: Liz Hengber, Deanna Bryant, Sunny Russ

8. Face To Face
Written By: David Malloy, Gary Burr

9. Heart Hush
Written By: Brett Jones

10. Lonely Alone
Written By: Reese Wilson

11. Wrong Night
Written By: Josh Leo, Rick Bowles

12. All This Time
Written By: Tommy Lee James, Greg Guidry

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