Room To Breathe

November 18, 2003 | MCA Nashville

This was a fun CD to make. I hadn’t recorded a studio CD since 1999. We had our third Greatest Hits CD out in 2001, but I only recorded 2 singles for that CD.




1. Secret

2. If I Had Any Sense Left At All

3. My Sister

4. Once You’ve Learned To Be Lonely

5. Moving Oleta

6. Love Revival

7. He Gets That From Me

8. I’m Gonna Take That Mountain

9. Room To Breathe

10. Sky Full Of Angels

11. Somebody

12. It Just Has To Be This Way

Room To Breathe

Certified: Gold

Produced by: Norro Wilson, Buddy Cannon, Reba McEntire

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This was a fun CD to make. I hadn’t recorded a studio CD since 1999. We had our third Greatest Hits CD out in 2001, but I only recorded 2 singles for that CD. I did that during my run on Broadway during “Annie, Get Your Gun”

If you know me very well, you know how much I like working on a great team. This one is a great one! David Conrad suggested Norro Wilson and Buddy Cannon to produce the CD, and I thought it was a great idea! Then with all four of us looking for songs, the magic started happening. The songwriters were in true form sending us some of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard. I think you’ll agree. Then we turned it over to the musicians, they did a great job.

This CD feels autobiographical to me because it has every type of music I’ve ever recorded. There is everything from hard-core country on one to contemporary on the other, with bluegrass, gospel and jitterbug in the middle.

From our first single “I’m Gonna Take That Mountain” to the last song on the CD, “It Just Has To Be This Way,” the duet with my buddy Vince Gill, the songs take you on a journey from sad, to happy, to feel good and toe-tappin’. It all starts with the song, so thanks to all the writers for sharing your gift.

I want to dedicate the song “My Sister” to my two wonderful, loving sisters, Alice and Susie.

Whether you’re blood kin or close friends, sisters are very special people, just ask Jen and Barbara; Rickie, Paula and Doris; Mama and Aunt Jeannie…..the list goes on and on. Thank God for sisters.

Thanks, Narvel for being my voice of reason time and time again and for helping me narrow down the huge list of songs I fell in love with. Shelby, you continue to inspire me with your wit, personality and sense of humor. I love you both, and I thank God for you daily.

I can never decide what part of the recording process I enjoy the most - finding the songs, recording them, finishing them up, promoting them or singing them in front of a live audience. I’d say: all of the above!

So have fun listening to this CD, and come on out and see me on the road or tune in on Friday night, where I’ll be with my TV family on the sitcom “REBA.” Life is good, too much fun!


Album Liner Notes

Produced By - Reba McEntire, Buddy Cannon and Norro Wilson
Recorded By - Billy Sherrill at Starstruck Studios (Nashville, TN)
Assisted By - Todd Tidwell and J.R. Rodriguez
Additional Engineer - Tony Castle
Mixed By - John Guess at Starstruck Studios (Nashville, TN)
Assisted By - Patrick Murphy and J.R. Rodriguez
Mastered By - Hank Williams at MasterMix (Nashville, TN)
Production Coordinator - Shannon Finnegan Scott

Bass Guitar - Larry Paxton
Drums/Percussion - Paul Leim
Piano - John Hobbs
Synthesizer - Randy McCormick
Electric Guitar - John Jorgenson, Gregg Galbraith
Acoustic Guitar - B. James Lowry
Electric Guitar - J.T. Corenflos
Lap Steel - Dan Dugmore
Steel Guitar - Dan Dugmore
Fiddle - Alison Krauss
Background Vocals - Linda Davis, Chip Davis, Curtis Wright, Bergen White, Lois Nunley, Lisa Cochran, Marabeth Jordan, Alison Krauss, Dan Tyminski, Bob Bailey, Vicki Hampton, Kim Fleming, Sonya Isaacs, Curtis Wright, Dennis Wilson

Sonya Isaacs appears courtesy of Lyric Street Records
Alison Krauss appears courtesy of Rounder Records
Dan Tyminski appears courtesy of Rounder Records
John Jorgenson appears courtesy of Pharoah Records

Representation - Narvel Blackstock for Starstruck Entertainment
Art Direction and Design - Bethany Newman
Photography - Ron Davis
Hair - Brett Freedman
Makeup - Terry Apanasewicz
Wardrobe - Michelle Moder

MCA Nashville and Whirlpool partnered with Best Buy stores and released a CD featuring two tracks from Reba’s 2004 summer tour.

1. I’m A Survivor (Live)
2. Medley: Why Haven’t I Heard From You/Take It Back (Live)
3. Whirlpool - Habitat for Humanity - Reba (Video Message)

Album Chart Numbers

Billboard Top 200 - #25
Billboard Top Country Albums - #4

Track Listing

1. Secret
Written By: Lisa Brokop, Cyril Rawson, Ron Harbin

2. If I Had Any Sense Left At All
Written By: Hank Cochran, Red Lane, Dale Dodson

3. My Sister
Written By: Roxie Dean, Donnie Baker, Amy Dalley

4. Once You’ve Learned To Be Lonely
Written By: Ray Chip Davis, Candy Cameron, Sharon Vaughn

5. Moving Oleta
Written By: Barry Dean

6. Love Revival
Written By: Leslie Satcher, Marc Harris

7. He Gets That From Me
Written By: Steven Dale Jones, Phillip White

8. I’m Gonna Take That Mountain
Written By: Jerry Salley, Melissa Pierce

9. Room To Breathe
Written By: D. Vincent Williams, Vicky McGehee

10. Sky Full Of Angels
Written By: Burton Collins, Clay Mills, Lisa Stewart

11. Somebody
Written By: Dave Berg, Sam Tate, Annie Tate

12. It Just Has To Be This Way (with Vince Gill)
Written By: Liz Hengber, James Dean Hicks, Anthony Smith

Album & Single

Love Somebody

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Love Somebody


Current Single

Going Out Like That


The new album LOVE SOMEBODY comes out April 14!

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