What If It’s You

November 05, 1996 | MCA Nashville

This CD was a fun and exciting roller coaster ride from the very beginning.  Without the help and expertise of these people, it wouldn’t have turned out as well or been nearly as much fun!


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1. How Was I To Know

2. The Fear of Being Alone

3. What If It’s You

4. I’d Rather Ride Around With You

5. It Don’t Matter

6. State Of Grace

7. Close To Crazy

8. She’s Callin’ It Love

9. Just Looking For Him

10. Never Had A Reason To

What If It’s You

Certified: Double Platinum

Produced by: John Guess, Reba McEntire

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This CD was a fun and exciting roller coaster ride from the very beginning. • Without the help and expertise of these people, it wouldn’t have turned out as well or been nearly as much fun! To John Guess, my co-producer, thank you so much for doing what you do so well. Great sounds and great ideas! I love working with you. Go easy on those cigars. • To Derick, I think I have speakers older than you!!! Thanks for showing a couple of old dogs some new tricks. • To Carole Ann, you have a very special talent for finding killer songs. Thanks for sharing your gift with me. I can’t wait to start looking again. • To all the songwriters, I want to say one thing! You’re a bunch of talented, song-writing rascals! I hope you like how your babies turned out. The songs were fun to sing. I thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. It’s always so interesting and so much fun to see how they develop. • And to my band. For years it has been my dream and goal to have my road band play on my album. It’s happened a few times in the past, but I knew in my heart the timing was right. I needed them to bring that excitement from the stage on to the CD. You didn’t let me down. You performed with such enthusiasm and creativity that definitely set this CD apart from any I’ve done before. Thanks guys, for coming through for me. • Then to be the first record in our new Starstruck Studios, The Gallery and The Pond was an event in itself. Neil Grant of Harris Grant from Europe, created a beautiful and wonderful sounding studio that was a dream to work in. Thanks Robert, for getting it all together. • To my MCA and Starstruck Family, thanks for all your dedication, loyalty, constant enthusiasm, creativity, and openness for that next step, whatever it might be. I love working with all of you. You’re the best. • I’m very appreciative of all the support the music industry has given me over the past 20 odd years. I hope I’ve made you proud. There’s things in my life I have done by myself, but the majority thank God I realized early own, I needed lots and lots of help with. You’ve given me that help, sometimes volunteered and sometimes asked for, but always appreciated. • To my manager, director, producer, husband, best friend, travel partner, etc…... YOU never cease to amaze ME. Thanks for the direction on this CD. Thanks for being in my life. I hope I’ve added a little spice to yours. To my ever growing family: Shelby, Shawna, Brandon, Chassidy, Garret and Chelsea-thanks for being the perfect balance in my life. With ya’ll, there is NEVER a dull moment! Good thing I hate an empty house! • Love, Reba

Album Liner Notes

Produced By - Reba McEntire for Reba McEntire Productions and John Guess for Guess Work Productions

Recorded at Starstruck Studios by John Guess and Derek Bason
Assisted by Patrick Murphy and Scott Ahaus
Mixed at Starstruck Studios by John Guess
Assisted by Derek Bason
Production Coordinator: Carole Ann Mobley
Mastered at The Work Station by Marty Williams

Doug Sisemore - Keyboards
Paul Hallowell - Piano
Kent Wells - Electric Guitar
Terry Crisp - Steel Guitar
Scott Hawkins - Drums and Percussion
Chopper Anderson - Bass
Biff Watson - Acoustic Guitar
Larry Franklin - Mandolin and Fiddle
Steve Gibson - Acoustic Guitar on “The Fear of Being Alone”
Liana Manis, Joe Chemay - Background Vocals

Art Direction and Design - Cindy Owen
Photography - Mark Tucker
Wardrobe Stylist - Sandi Spika
Makeup - Mary Beth Felts, Reba
Hair - Sandi Spika, Mary Beth Felts

Publicity - Jennifer Bohler, Starstruck

Management - Narvel Blackstock, Starstruck

Album Chart Numbers

Billboard Top 200 - #8
Billboard Top Country Albums - #2

Track Listing

1. How Was I To Know
Written By: Cathy Majeski, Sunny Russ, Stephony Smith

2. The Fear of Being Alone
Written By: Walt Aldridge, Bruce Miller

3. What If It’s You
Written By: Robert Ellis Orrall, Cathy Majeski

4. I’d Rather Ride Around With You
Written By: Mark D. Sanders, Tim Nichols

5. It Don’t Matter
Written By: Tommy Lee James

6. State Of Grace
Written By: Trey Bruce, Lisa Drew

7. Close To Crazy
Written By: Jerry Salley, Melba Montgomery

8. She’s Callin’ It Love
Written By: Sunny Russ

9. Just Looking For Him
Written By: Sunny Russ

10. Never Had A Reason To
Written By: Tim Nichols, Mark D. Sanders

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