The Gambler Returns: The Luck Of The Draw

Reba McEntire
Kenny Rogers
Rick Rossovish
Chuck Conners
Linda Evans
Hugh O’Brian
Christopher Rich

Heroes and villains, sharpshooters and card sharks. Fist fights and shoot outs, dusty trails and wild saloons. That’s right: The Gambler’s back! Kenny Rogers saddles up for his most exciting ride ever as Brady Hawkes, better known as The Gambler. This time around, he’s got a wagon full of fantastic co-stars in this great gun-slinging adventure.

The Gambler is headed from Mexico to San Francisco to test his skills in the biggest poker game ever. Also along for the ride are Reba as Burgundy Jones and Rick Rossovich as trail partner Ethan Cassidy. Together, these three get into more trouble than they can handle. Along the way, they get some help from some of the legends of the Old West, including Chuck Connors as The Rifleman, Linda Evans as Kate Muldoon, and Hugh O’Brian as Wyatt Earp. It’s a rip-roaring adventure with your favorite card sharps?so come along for the ride as the Gambler Returns! The Gambler Returns marks Reba’s first major role in a movie.

The Gambler Returns: The Luck Of The Draw

Reba Recalls: Kenny Rogers’ manager, Ken Kragin, called Narvel in the early part of the summer of 1991. Only a couple of months after the fatal plane crash that took the lives of seven band members and my tour manager, Narvel thought it would be the best thing for me to do. He felt it would keep my mind busy, because the grief from the loss of my friends was still so severe. Ken’s phone call was a Godsend.

During the filming of “The Gambler”, Narvel’s oldest daughter, Shawna, gave birth to her daughter, Chelsea, July 11, 1991. A new life, a new beginning in the next chapter of my life.

My friendship with Kenny Rogers has grown throughout the years. It’s the best thing that comes out of working—making friends!

Also during the shooting, came Fan Fair! Sandi Spika (my stylist and assistant) and I finished shooting that day, hopped on a plane and flew to Nashville. I did a show for my fan club members and signed autographs up until 2:30am, when I got on a plane again and flew back to L.A. We went straight to the set and started getting ready for the day’s shooting schedule.

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